Monday, June 17, 2013

How to praise your devs

There was a quite controversial but very fruitful and inspiring conversation about "How to praise your devs" from the viewpoint of a Scrum Master. Here are the few notes I took for myself:

  • Sentences like "Thank you that you brought up that topic, it really helped the team move forward" basically are another way of saying "You did well"
  • "You did well" sentences are a judgement of the work the developer does and are almost always seen violent. Least of all is a Scrum Master the one who is to judge the work of the developer
  • When appreciating someone tell them how you feel (NVC) instead of judging the work they did
  • Try to use appreciation instead of praise
  • Base your feedback on your relationship with the other person
  • Align your appreciation with the purpose of the team. If the team does not have a purpose or doesn't know its purpose give the team exactly that
  • Developers do communicate and they communicate a lot. But they do it in their own ways and other people are sometimes seen as intruders

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